A Living Wall for Small Indoor Spaces

I’ve always loved the look of a living wall. There’s no denying the impact they make with all of that green lushness cascading down vertically. A veritable jungle of living, breathing life-enhancing richness. But I’ve always thought that they are either best kept outdoors, or only for shops and bars. I couldn’t imagine the amount of upkeep that would be needed with watering, pruning, misting, etc. Plus the inevitability of some of those plants dying and making the whole thing a bit of a tangled mess. And then I saw the living wall kits available from Horticus Living, which you could say, are a bit of a game changer.

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A Living Wall for Small Spaces

The Horticus system is a modular living wall that can grow in keeping with your botanical demands. You choose the size and layout according to your preference and you can add to it over time. It doesn’t have to be all plants either. You can use an empty planter for mementoes or select from pods with different functions. You can even leave the black metal frames empty, as the hexagonal shape is pleasing in itself. (The light pod, humidifier pod, and speaker pod are not available yet but will be soon.)

A Living Wall for Small Spaces

The Practicalities

Maintenance is easy, since you can pull the individual terracotta planters out of the frame as you need, for repotting or a simple spring airing. Plus there is ample room for roots, and they can be watered on the frame through a grid of watering holes at the top of each planter. This is all reassuring for me. I’m ruthless with plants and don’t have much patience with specimens that are not performing well. Some people I know, will do all they can to nurse a houseplant back to life, but I’m afraid, mine end up in the bin. So this system is perfect for keeping a living wall pristine and healthy looking.

A Living Wall for Small Spaces

Big Gardens for Small Spaces

This is also a perfect system for anyone who loves plants but has limited space. Having a large collection of plants is amazing, but window-ledges can get a little crowded, and floor space can disappear pretty quickly. This is particularly true for city dwellers who often have to restrict gardening skills to balconies and living rooms. Plus you can grow your living wall at your own pace, and there’s no need to get a lot of plants straight away to have a big impact.

A Living Wall for Small Spaces

A small kit consists of 1 powder coated steel frame and 3 terracotta planters and can add a touch of jungle to a bathroom, bring fresh herbs to a kitchen and a sense of calm to a living room.

A Living Wall for Small Spaces

By focusing on a burgeoning desire to nurture carefully grown fauna, Horticus Living have re-thought the living wall, made it more flexible, and added a few features to fit in with our lifestyles.


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    Gude at Watermark Homes

    June 19, 2020

    WOW – how clever is this? Even a complete non-gardener like me could have a go at creating a living wall with this kit.
    Thanks for sharing!


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