Decorating With Large Indoor Plants

We’re all in tune now with the idea of decorating our living spaces with indoor plants. We know that not only do they look good, but they have hidden health benefits too. If you browse Instagram you’ll see entire accounts dedicated to the use of indoor plants in indoor spaces. In fact every home is now boasting at least a few hanging baskets, if not window ledges full of herbs, wall shelves laden with a forest of greenery, and tables decorated with a terrarium or two. But what if you can’t commit to the upkeep of all of these little green babies but still want a plant that makes a statement? Investing in one big indoor tree, or huge feature plant could be the way to go.

Decorating With Large Indoor Plants

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Choosing Your Large Indoor Plant

Before you rush out and buy a huge tree, there’s a few things to consider. This is a different way of decorating. The plant needs to be considered a part of the overall room design and not simply an accessory that gets added at the end. Scale and space have to be taken into consideration first of all. Your plant is going to be the equivalent of a living sculpture and it needs to be given space to really do it justice, but on the other hand you don’t want it to swamp the room and take it over completely.

Decorating With Large Indoor Plants

Image: Chaplins Furniture

As a living sculpture you will also have to consider the needs of the plant. Will the chosen position give it the light it needs? Will it be in a draughty spot that will stress it out? Does it have room to grow? All of these things will govern where you position the plant.

Decorating With Large Indoor Plants

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A word of caution too. Large scale plants are expensive to buy. Quite rightly so. The grower has probably spent years nurturing the plant to the size and quality you would expect and that doesn’t come cheaply. Which means that you don’t want it to die right? I’d recommend investing in some kind of watering system to take away any guesswork. Many a plant has been killed with kindness or neglected into tragedy.

Decorating With Large Indoor Plants

Image: The French Bedroom Company

Creating Your Scheme

The fun part is incorporating you plant into your decorating scheme. A large overhanging palm looks amazing in a room that has elements of the tropics for instance. A spiky plant suits a minimalist scheme, and a fiddle leaf fig seems to fit in anywhere. And of course, the pot you choose will be part of your decorating scheme too. Not only does the style need to suit the plant it contains but it needs to fit in with the furniture and other accessories too. Your container can make a massive difference to the overall mood of a room. A large terracotta planter for instance will give a scheme a relaxed Mediterranean feel, while a polished metal planter will give a much more contemporary feel.

Top Ten Stand-Alone Plants

(source: At Home with Plants by Ian Drummond and Kara O’Reilly)

Decorating With Large Indoor Plants


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    May 1, 2020

    Great article! I don’t think we realize how in tune we are with plants, subconsciously we know they’re another living organism and it makes us happy to share a space with them. They provide textures you wouldn’t normally see in a home and vivid greens that compliment virtually any room design. In other words… Get some plants!


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