Is Your Garden Ready for Spring?

The warm and sunny weather this weekend has certainly brought forward plans for getting the garden ready for spring. All those jobs we thought we wouldn’t be doing for another couple of months, well, they just became a priority. And just think, if we do them now, we will have more months of R&R later on. So, here’s my list of jobs that may not have been completed entirely, but are certainly on the to-do-list for the next couple of weeks. Now I’m no gardener in any true sense – more of a garden stylist. I just like it to look nice and work as an extra room in summer, so true gardeners should look away now.

Is Your Garden Ready for Spring

Provence Tea for Two Set, Neptune.

General Tidy Up

Even the mildest of winters will result in a build up of dead leaves and branches, so these will be the first things to be tackled. Plus getting rid of all those dead pot plants that you didn’t quite get round to doing in the autumn. It’s a bit early for heavy pruning as there still might be frosts, but cutting away the already dead branches should be okay. While you’re at it tie in any climbers that have broken loose, and give paths a good sweep and jet-wash. There, it looks better already.

Is Your Garden Ready for Spring

Monaco Table and Chairs, Neptune.

General Maintenance

Now’s the time to repair any fences, trellises and gates, before the climbers start to take hold. Get rid of any mould with a wire brush and soapy water and give them a fresh coat of preservative or paint. You don’t need to paint every year but if this year is the year you can’t put it off any longer, just get on with it. We need to replace the reed screening on the pergola this year as it’s fallen apart but as it’s lasted three years already, that seems fair enough.

Mow the Grass

If it’s dry enough where you live, the sunny weather may have mean’t a spurt in growth. So don’t just mow it, take the opportunity to give it a rake and a then give it a good feed. It will reward you later.

Is Your Garden Ready for Spring

Tresco Armchair, Neptune.

Get the Furniture Out of Storage

As with the fences and trellises, now’s the time to give wooden furniture a good rub down and a fresh coat of preservative. Particularly if it’s been out in the elements all winter. Cushions will also need some attention if they have been in the shed for a few months. If you can’t chuck them in the washing machine, at least sponge them down with a damp cloth and leave them in the sun to air. Oh, and you may have to repair any mice damage. Little blighters.

Is Your Garden Ready for Spring

All Furniture from Neptune.

Prepare the Soil and Get Ready for Planting

It’s too early to plant anything much, but the soil does need a good turn over and feed. Once done it will also make the garden look nicer too. Tools, too, need a wash with some soapy water. I don’t know if it’s true but I was once told that you should oil them, to prevent rust and to make it easier to look after them. Keen gardeners will also be planting some seeds at this time, so you know who you are, get to it.

Give Yourself a Pat on the Back

You deserve it. And if you didn’t plan ahead last autumn and plant some bulbs, just pop down to the garden centre and pick up a pot or two of already flowering lovelies. Job done.



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