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Believe it or not, spring isn’t that far away and it will soon be time to give the bedroom a little spruce up. There’s nothing like waking up on a sunny morning to crisp new bedlinen and a few carefully coordinated accessories. Nothing major, we’re not talking a big overhaul here, just a few new things to signal the new season. And as ever, I’m a great believer on shopping the high street for some inexpensive trinkets. I’ve already covered the kitchen and bathroom and so let’s have a look at the current trends for bedrooms.

If you’re a bit of a hippy at heart and love a bit of saturated colour, head over the the Matthew Williamson Butterfly range at Debenhams.


It’s a bohemian look that relies on lots of pattern and clashing colours. For a true seventies Moroccan interpretation add a decorative screen, inlay furniture and lots of exotic plants. And don’t forget that scented candles will add an extra sensory element to this very feminine sanctuary. Pure escapism.


Marks and Spencer have a whole different vibe going on and have taken inspirations from Japanese interiors.

Match the flat with the panel

The look is clean and minimalist and uses eastern style prints against a monochrome background. Don’t be afraid of dark walls in the bedroom. It’s a place you spend time in mostly at night and it can be very comforting to be enveloped in a moody hue as long as there is enough white to counterbalance it. The Japanese prints are not overdone because they are paired with black and white geometric items and clean-lined furniture. Very zen.


But if all of that is too much for you and you prefer a softer more romantic feel at home, have a look at Littlewoods.


The spring, summer ranges feature art deco inspired furniture and soft colours to create a your very own boudoir. The velvet chair is one of my favourites and is just the right size for the corner of the bedroom. The prints are very pretty and oh, so French too. Ooh La La.


Which is your look?

February 20, 2015
February 24, 2015


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    February 28, 2015

    My favourite is the Debenhams collection. Bold, bright and beautiful.


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