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Cork Flooring – All You Need to Know

Ever since my visit to Portugal earlier this summer I’ve been in love with the idea of replacing all of my fitted carpets with cork. The sustainability of cork is a good enough reason in itself. We are all conscious after all of making better decisions in our purchases…

Add a Splash of Wonder to Your Walls

You must know by now how mad I am for wallpaper. The bolder, quirkier, and more colourful the better. And you must also know by now that Divine Savages are one of my go-to sources for wallpaper designs that are just a bit more eccentric, flamboyant and daring than…

How to Work a Black and White Interior

There’s nothing more dramatic than a classic black and white interior. It’s one of my favourite combinations. And the reason I’ve systematically moved around the house with a loaded black paint brush in recent years. In a contemporary space, black and white will add interest and much needed contrast….

A Life of Simplicity at Zara Home This Autumn

I know it’s still Summer, but my first glimpse of the new things in store at Zara Home for Autumn have me yearning for a life of simplicity too.

Plentiful yet restrained, subtle yet elegant, this collection presents a timeless balance, set in the grandeur of simplicity; helping you create…