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Shopping Today at Zara Home

Shopping Today at Zara Home

It never fails to surprise me that Zara, who are at the forefront of cutting edge fast fashion, can produce homewares that are so timeless. Anything on the website would sit happily in any type of interior, from contemporary, to country, to industrial, and still look beautifully stylish and at home. Now, that’s probably because…

Where to Buy Patterned Floor Tiles

This post was originally published on 17th June 2014. Updated and re-published on 20th January 2021.
Patterned floor tiles are here to stay. And for good reason too. They add a lot of punch to a room, whether that is a kitchen, bathroom, hallway, or even an outside patio. They…

An Uber Glamorous Hallway and How to Get The Look

Everyone knows that first impressions count. And I’m pretty sure if you were faced with a front door this glossy and this colour, you’d be expecting grand things from the interior. And it doesn’t disappoint. It’s so glamorous! Mainly thanks to that magnificent staircase, door mouldings and ceiling rose….