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A Fisherman’s Cottage in St Ives

This cottage kitchen in pretty St Ives is full of personality and charm in its scrumptiously mouth-watering colours. The owner’s wanted a big kitchen in a small cottage. They wanted eating, seating and prepping all in one space. And they wanted some vintage, simplicity and glamour. 

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The centre…

Moody Glamour in a Cornish Cottage

Now that the nights have grown longer and the days a little crisper, a cosy cottage is naturally the ideal escape. But what if your idea of a break from home requires something a little more interesting? Something with a little more moody glamour and romance? Then you are…

10 Essentials for Cosy Nights In

This post was originally published on 16th October 2015. Updated and republished 28th October 2021.
It’s one of the best things about autumn and winter. The weather can do its worst, but we can stay warm and cosy in our very own little sanctuaries (aka our living room). So, lets…