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Who Makes the Best Waste Bins of All? – Probably

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Just because most of my posts are about the decorative aspects of interiors and design, doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate all the little (and big!) not-really-decorative essentials that make life easier on a daily basis. And what was it that William Morris said?
“Have nothing in your house that…

Christmas Gifts for the Urban Jungle Lover

There’s nothing nicer than giving and receiving gifts that are personal. We all know someone who loves to create an urban jungle in their home and it’s a trend that’s just growing and growing (pardon the pun). And even those of us who like the look but don’t have…

The Versatility of the Vipp Kitchen

I’ve written about the Vipp kitchen before. It’s modular and predefined in size, form and material. The opposite in fact, of a bespoke fitted kitchen. You can choose which particular pieces you want and you simply put them in position, just like free-standing furniture. It’s no less beautiful than bespoke…