Hotel Chic at Home

What is it that you love best about staying in a hotel? I’ll bet it’s the feeling of unashamed luxury. The time out from everyday life, where responsibilities are suspended for just a few days or even a few hours. It’s that feeling you get when you walk in and catch the first glimpse of a bed piled high with plump pillows. And the impossibly large fluffy towels stacked near to a deep bath. You know that you are going to be pampered, and everything in the room and adjoining bathroom has been chosen, and placed just so, to make you feel special.

So why don’t we do all we can to make our everyday lives so special?

FABLE LORIENT Head of Bed (with throw)

It’s not so hard, really. The bed should be the focal point of any bedroom. It should look inviting. You should want to slide into it at the end of a long day and rest your head on billowing pillows. I’m a firm believer in soft padded headboards. Wood and iron may look great, but they don’t make such a great resting place when you’re trying to have a late night read. Or an early morning cuppa with the papers. A throw at the end of the bed is not just for show either. It’s an added layer on chillier nights or for climbing under when you fancy an afternoon nap and don’t want to get fully into bed.

FABLE TALCY + RIVIERA white throws

Hotel bedrooms also generally have somewhere to sit, to place an overnight bag, or just to perch while putting on your shoes. Something we should think of at home too. It’s a luxury to have an armchair in the room as not many of us have the space, but placing an ottoman at the end of the bed is a handy place to rest a book, a handbag or a dressing gown.

FABLE VAUVILLE cameo - end of bed towels

And don’t forget comfort in the bathroom. Warm towels are one of life’s nicest things. Sweet smelling toiletries are another. Even better when they are in a pretty bottle too (and there’s no excuse, you can always decant those giant sized shampoos into something smaller). Somewhere to place those toiletries while in the bath or shower is also something that is often overlooked. A small table at the side of the bath is all it takes, or a shelf inside the shower.


All that’s left is to light the candles, pour the wine, and you could be enjoying a pampering break in your favourite hotel.


All images are from the Autumn/Winter collection at Fable.

Available from September 2015.



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    October 9, 2018

    Love this bedroom, can i ask what paint colour and brand is on the walls please x

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      October 11, 2018

      Sorry Meghan. I really don’t know. And as this post was three years ago, I’m not sure I could find out. 🙁


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