Garden Lighting – Lanterns Every Time

When it comes to lighting the garden at night my preference is for lanterns every time. There’s nothing wrong with subtle spotlights built into decks and used to illuminate paths, but I sometimes think that lighting every feature in a garden is a bit showoffy. I’m much happier with the soft, flickering light that enclosed candles can provide. It’s much more intimate and can be very romantic.


Sainsbury’s Home

And when it comes to the lanterns themselves, I like to see metal and natural materials. Something that will age beautifully and blend into it’s natural surroundings. The punched metal of a Moroccan lantern or the intricate weaving of rattan or wicker will throw shadows around and add to the atmosphere. They will also look just as good when not lit and I’m all for dual purpose inside and out.


Broste Copenhagen via The Scandinavian Shop

Dear Designer's Best Lanterns for Summer Nights [1]

1. George Home 2.  The Farthing 3. Sainsbury’s Home

The other thing is, you can not have too many of them. Lanterns look best when they are arranged in groups. Start a collection now and watch it grow. You don’t have to stick to one shape or even style as long as they have something in common. The more the merrier I say.



Dear Designer's Best Lanterns for Summer Nights [2]

1. Marquis & Dawe 2. Wilko 3. The Chelsea Gardener

Lighter, smaller lanterns can be hung from trees or the cross beams of a pergola. Grouped on stairs and at entrances they make a lovely welcome for guests as well as serving the practical purpose of lighting the way.  And of course, a cluster down the middle of the dining table will be the perfect centrepiece for a summer meal.



Dear Designer's Best Lanterns for Summer Nights [3]

1. The Scandinavian Shop 2. H&M Home 3. Amara



  1. Reply

    Szef Rolet

    August 14, 2015

    Very climatically! All of those lantern are amazing, and I’d like choose all of them. I love especially the metal and rattan lanterns, they make a fantastic light. The gold lanterns are so glamorous and rich. And those Moroccan lanterns are very sophisticated. I love also this arrangement on the stairs – different styles, materials and shapes, but they all fits together. I have a big garden so I must buy something for lighting. The best way is buy everything from Your suggestions  Thanks for inspirations!

    • Reply


      August 15, 2015

      Might be a bit expensive, but you are welcome Szef 🙂

  2. Reply

    Jess @ Wallpaper Ink

    July 22, 2015

    I love garden lanterns! They really add to the atmosphere!

    • Reply


      July 23, 2015

      Totally agree Jess 🙂


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