How to Work the Tribal Trend in the Home

The tribal trend - teak, black and white tribal portraits, woven baskets

Earthy tones and natural textures

Now this is a trend I could totally buy into. It taps into my love of travel for a start. It suggests that the homeowner has traversed the globe in search of items of interest. Haggled with indigenous natives. Bartered in foreign markets. And no doubt suffered much hardship in search of gems that can’t be found on the highstreet. But wait a minute! Yes they can! And lucky for you, I’m here to point you in the right direction.

The Tribal Trend - earthy colours, natural textures, geometric patterns

Kamina orange trim tray £40. Conga star weave tray £38. Carnaby teardrop pendant light £95. Square pillow case £15 each. Tribe print double duvet set £60. Merida tassel cushion £18. Ioni cushion £15. Sia cushion £20. Caddo cushion £20. Woven throw £50. Geo bedspread £150. Etched bowl £28. Wire tea light holder £12. Kamina patterned column vase £42. Wooden figurine £35. Malwai slim bottle vase £52. Plantation Rug Co. chainmail rug £250. All House of Fraser.

The Tribal Trend - rattan furniture, woven cushions and potted palms

All available at Debenhams.

The Tribal Trend – Key Attributes

Think about the colours of the African Plains. Earthy tones, sandy hues, muddy mixes. You will find brighter colours in the shops but personally I prefer to save those for a different look entirely. Woods are hard and dark with a rough texture. Patterns are geometric, asymmetrical and with a hand-drawn and hand-woven simplicity. Textures are from the natural world. Animal skins, rattan, metal, woven baskets and hand-thrown clay. Decorative objects often take their inspiration from the flora and fauna of the African continent. Hunting trophies provide drama, and portraits provide focal points.

The tribal trend - teak, black and white tribal portraits, woven baskets

Kraton Side Table in Solid Teak Wood, £165, Cuckooland.

The Tribal Trend – How to Work it into the Home

As with most trends, a little goes a long way. You don’t want a home that resembles the set of The Lion King. This is why I like to keep the colour palette muted and natural. Rely on the colours mentioned above to set the scene. Add one, two or three patterned items. A rug, a cushion or two, a painting. You can’t add enough texture but go easy on the animal skins. Choose one dramatic focal point. A portrait or a faux animal head. If you already have the colour palette going on it will be easy to add one or two items to lift it and send it in the tribal trend direction. Add some large scale potted palms and you’ll really be rocking it.

The tribal trend - muted earthy colours and tribal portraits

Portrait of a Turkana tribal woman against the stunning backdrop of Lake Turkana. Kenya, $110, Urban Road.



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