Beautifully Bohemian in the Bedroom

Bohemian style = Bare brick and moroccan wedding blankets - perfect

The perfect bohemian bedroom - unconventional and pulling aspects from different cultures

According to the dictionary bohemian is “a descriptive term for a stereotypical way of life for artists and intellectuals. According to the stereotype, bohemians live in material poverty because they prefer their art or their learning to lesser goods; they are also unconventional in habits and dress, and sometimes in morals.”

Don’t know about morals, but bohemian style (or boho for short), nowadays conjures up images of interiors that are indeed unconventional. Layering is key. Patterns don’t have to match. Colours can clash. The trend relies on pulling different looks from different cultures and mixing them up. Blankets from Morocco, furs from Scandinavia, cane-work and carvings from India, paintings from granny’s attic. There are no rules. Don’t worry too much about giving walls a perfect finish or sanding floors (they’re only going to be covered with layers of rugs anyway), and then pile on the cushions, throws and accessories with a liberal sprinkling of potted plants

And Bohemian style is available on the high street too.


Bohemian style = Bare brick and moroccan wedding blankets - perfect

Hampden White Bed £529, Sequin Shaggy Throw £69, Mila Chandelier £299, Faux Fur Chocolate Cushion £29.50, Faux Fur Grey Mix Cushion £29.50, Aisha Sequin Cushion £35, Erin Embroidered Cushion £25, Batik Bed Set £39.50, Saloon Large Vase £29.50, Fringe Storage Bag £39.50. All Marks and Spencer.

Bohemian Style = a rattan headboard, potted plants and layers of pattern

Peacock Vase £25, Peacock Candle £12, Isla Bedding Set (double) £60, Cushions from £22, Geometric Throw £125, Tassel Throw £100. All Butterfly Home by Matthew Williamson at Debenhams.

Bohemian Style = bare floorboards + ornate beds + acres of patterned fabric

Fabel Folk Double Duvet Set £80, Folk Rabbit Cushion £20, Embroidered Flower Cushion £30, Red Cushion £20, Grettle Embroidery Double Duvet Set £80, Anastasia Embroidery Double Duvet Set £80, Sprig Vase £30, Rabbit Mug £5, Grey Sheepskin £55, Fable Folk Bedspread £150. All House of Fraser.

November 4, 2016



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