Why Decorative Window Film is My New Favourite Thing

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Decorative window film is fast becoming the clean modern alternative to curtains and blinds. It’s inexpensive, easy to apply and the end results are often stunning. So when Purlfrost asked me to work with them I was gutted that I didn’t have a window suitable. I did consider knocking a hole through the garage wall and installing a window especially, but the BF soon put an end to that thought. Spoilsport. But never mind. Purlfrost have a gallery that beats any hole in my garage wall. And now decorative window film is my new favourite thing. For all sorts of reasons.

Decorative Window Film


Maintains Privacy Without Loss of Natural Light

The obvious reason for putting window film on your window glass is to create some privacy without sacrificing natural light. This is a brilliant solution in a bathroom for instance, where natural light is often sadly lacking anyway. But it can also be used on the lower half of windows that look out onto the street too. Or in a bedroom where you don’t necessarily want to pull the curtains every time you fancy a change of clothes. The level of privacy can be controlled too. The more dense the pattern on the window film, the more privacy it provides.

Decorative Window Film

Birds on a Wire

Mask an Ugly View – Anywhere

Conversely you may have a window in your home that doesn’t have the prettiest of views. In which case decorative window film is the answer to all your prayers. You can mask the view and introduce something much more attractive instead. And it really can be used anywhere. On a bathroom shower screen for instance, on internal windows, roof lights and YES, glazed garage doors!

Decorative Window Film


Simple and Easy to Apply and Remove

This is the science bit. Exact there is no science bit. Purlfrost supply their window film to your exact measurements so there is no tricky cutting involved for you. And it’s self adhesive, so with a solution of soapy water and a special application tool (which is supplied with every order), it takes just minutes to apply. And remove. You can change the design any time you like giving you ultimate flexibility.

Decorative Window Film


An Inexpensive Way to Add Instant Style

But enough of all that practical stuff. What I like most of all is the ability to add instant style without breaking the bank. It’s like wallpaper for doors and windows. Decorative window film can enhance period details or even add them where they are missing. It can add a decorative edge to contemporary homes and personality to kitchens, bathrooms, workspaces, conservatories and playrooms.

Decorative Window Film

Period Stained Glass

Now do you see why decorative window film is my new favourite thing?

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This post was written in collaboration with Purlfrost. I only work with companies I like and would use myself. All views are my own.


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