Which 5 Purely Decorative Home Accessories Do You Really Need?

Essential Home Accessories - Objects of interest and candles

A room never looks complete until it’s been accessorised. You may have deliberated long and hard over the wallpaper, paint colours and the furniture, but until you add the finishing touches it doesn’t really look like a home. And home accessories are the fun part! Why would you put on your best outfit and go out without your earrings? They are the finishing touch! Admittedly there is a knack to adding these all important details – I still find it hard sometimes myself. But unlike the bigger ticket items in a room, and the walls you have spent days covering with paint, it’s easy to change the decorative bits and bobs around. As many times as you like in fact. In fact I get hours of pleasure out of moving things from room to room, shelf to shelf, or restyling for the seasons. But it helps if you have certain things at your disposal….

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Books - essential home accessories

Top image credit: Dunelm. Above image credit: George Home

Home Accessories – Books

You’ve probably got a mountain of these already. Or maybe not in this day of kindles and tablets. Books make a room look homely and lived in. They make a room look interesting. Stylists look out for old books at car boot sales and junk shops. Preferably without the paper dust jacket, and the more dog-eared the better. And they can be used for more than just filling the bookshelves. Books can add height to displays on coffee tables and side tables. The can even be piled up and used instead of a side table.

Home Accessories - Books

Image credit: Debenhams

Home Accessories – Boxes

There was a time when I was obsessed with buying wooden boxes so I’ve probably got more than my fair share. Like books they can be used to add height and/or substance to a bookshelf or display on any other surface. The square boxy shape makes them perfect for placing centrally, with other objects placed around them. The are also perfect for using as bookends. And of course you can store your matches, pens, or your TV remotes in them.

Essential Home Accessories - Objects of interest

Image credit: Sainsbury’s Home

Home Accessories – Trays

Trays are perfect for keeping lots of little objects neat and together, but can be purely decorative in themselves. Β See my previous post.

Home Accessories – Artwork

We all know that walls need artwork. Plain walls can look dull and like you just moved in. But artwork can be used elsewhere too. Small frames that would be lost on the wall (unless part of a gallery wall) look fantastic propped up behind other objects. The can add colour, pattern and interest to a static still life and sometimes humour too. I’m not too big a fan of inspirational quotes on the wall, but small framed quotes on a bookshelf – well, that’s okay. Especially in a home office where we need all the inspiration we can get.

Essential Home Accessories - Objects of interest and artwork

Image credit: Cuckooland

Home Accessories – Objects of Interest

These are the really fun accessories. You’ve built your framework with books, boxes, trays and artwork, and these little quirky bits add interest. This is where you can add those treasures collected on holiday. The shells, the coloured rocks, ornaments and busts. These can be bought especially for a room – if you have a theme going on, this is where you can reinforce it. But the best objects of interest are ones that are personal to you. Maybe things you have had for years and can’t bear to part with. They can either fill in the gaps in a display or be the highlight.

Essential Home Accessories - boxes and flowers

Image credit: Dear Designer’s. Vase from Dartington Crystal

Home Accessories – Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers are the final, final, finishing touch to every room. I’ll say it again. They don’t have to be real. It’s nice to have fresh flowers in the most used rooms in the house, but keeping the guest bedroom in flowers is beyond extravagant (unless you have guests of course). And not every room gets enough light to keep fickle houseplants thriving. But, a touch of green will lift any shelf display, and a small vase of blooms will give life to even the smallest of tables.


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    Great Post! I’m obsessed with accessories. They’re definitely my favourite part of interior design πŸ™‚

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