What’s Your Personality Type in the Bedroom

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Winter is fast approaching and with it an overwhelming desire to make the home more cosy. I get it. The winter duvet is going to come out of summer hibernation and extra blankets will be piled on just to make us all feel better about the darker months ahead. It’s a good time too, to re-stock the linen cupboard with new bedding. I don’t know about you but sometimes just small changes around the house makes it feel more homely for me, and new darker bedding comes out as soon as September has passed. But before you rush out and buy the first autumnal bedding set you see, it might be a good idea to just check what your bedroom personality is.

The Traditionally Romantic Type

You like good old fashioned romance. And anything with a sense of history. So your bedroom style takes it’s cue from old floral oil paintings and the colours of a midnight garden. You are happiest when surrounded by things you have hunted down in second-hand shops, and your biggest treat is fresh flowers. Especially if someone else has bought them for you.

Bedroom personality type - Traditionally Romantic

Terrarium candle holder, Small £30, Large £40. Winona Vase £30. Sapphire vase £38. Textured glass pendant £75. Iris double bed £1,279. Lydia floral print double duvet set £59. Seurat print cushion £15. Midnight print cushion £15. Floral watercolour cushion £15. Charcoal knitted throw £49. Grey moss knit throw £80.

The ‘My Heart’s in the Country’ Type

You are happiest away from crowds and surrounded by nature. You love muted colours that remind you of heather, and plain cotton sheets. If you must have pattern it’s usually a plaid or check and furnishings veer towards the rustic.

Personality type in the bedroom - Heart In the country

Dash mug £5. Holland Vase £22. Arlie check double duvet set £49. Harold check double duvet set £49. Grey graphic weave throw £35. Stone knitted throw £49. Sincerity double duvet set £59. Sheepskin rug in almond £45.

The Bohemian at Heart Type

You have problems sticking to one type of style but whatever you do, it just seems to work. You’re a nomad who loves to travel and collect. Magpie-like. Your tastes are eclectic and you love to layer your treasures. Anything with an ethnic twist will appeal to you. Even more so if it has tassels, pompoms or a sheen of tarnished gold.

Bedroom personality type - bohemian at heart

Palm side table £250. 5” x 7” frame £22. Hand-painted petal vase £45. Oscar ceiling light £100. Iris double bed £1,279. Sadie double duvet set £59. Marianna flannel double duvet cover £59, pillowcase pair £24. Jacinta embroidery double duvet cover £59, pillowcase pair £24. Carolina embroidery double duvet cover £59, pillowcase £24. Ethnic embroidered cushion £28. Velvet tapestry cushion £25. Blue floral linen cushion £20. Mala velvet embroidered cushion £25. Patchwork blue bedspread £150. Pom-pom bedspread £150.

The Simply Scandinavian Type

Adornment isn’t for you. You like your bedroom ordered and almost spartan-like. That’s not to say that it’s not comfortable. Hygge is your second name. Colours are calm and serene and you know how to layer for maximum warmth.

Bedroom personality type - Simply Scandinavian

Rattan weave pendant £65. Marcelle column vase, Small £25, Large £28. Luxury scented votive candle (set of 3) £40. Charcoal stripe mug £7. Lela print double duvet cover £59, pillowcase pair £24. Halston Linen double duvet cover £110, pillowcase pair £36. Colden ticking stripe double duvet cover £59, pillowcase pair £24. Grey chunky knit cushion £25. Watercolour stripe cushion £25. Leafy organic print cushion £25. Stonewashed waffle bedspread £64. Grey rib throw £95.

The Crafty and Homespun Type

You like anything that is handmade and folksy patterns are your favourites. Knitting, crochet and handcrafting are all talents that you appreciate and you love the homely feel that they convey. You prefer simple country furniture and will treasure family hand-me-downs above all else. 

Bedroom personality type - Crafty and Homespun

Wood 5” x 7” frame £15. Gertie textured vase £20. Tulip print flannel double duvet cover £59, pillowcase pair £24. Erin print double duvet cover £59, pillowcase pair £24. Hetty folk print double duvet cover £59, pillowcase pair £24. Pippa leaf print cushion £18. Embroidered flower cushion £28. Emily leaf embroidered bedspread £150. Lottie knit throw £75. Axis bench £189. Grey graphic weave throw £35. Stone knitted throw £49.

All products are from House of Fraser.

The above link is an affiliate link. If you decide to buy anything you won’t pay any more, but Dear Designer’s will receive a small commission to help keep this blog up and running.


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    October 7, 2017

    It’s often the bedroom that most intensely displays someone’s personality – it’s your own personal space that isn’t decorated for anyone else. Love these designs, they really display those personality types and can easily be mixed and matched for more niche approaches!

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      October 7, 2017

      So agree with you Tabitha. Glad you liked the post. 🙂


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