What’s On Your Wall?

I’ve been looking at a lot of new build houses lately and lovely as they are, they do leave the new house owner with a lot of blank white walls to fill.  And I have to confess I am a bit allergic to blank white walls; not only in new build homes but in any home.

So, I was very happy to come across Whats On Your Wall who produce a vast selection of canvas art prints that cover a huge range of subjects from Banksy graffiti to cityscapes through to abstract colour explosions and heavenly sunsets.  All without breaking the bank!

A few of my favourites….

abstract-cocktails-neon-sign-colour-size-from Whats on your Wall

This would look amazing in a modern penthouse or a loft type apartment.

icon-audrey-hepburn-pink-from Whats on your Wall

Audrey is every girl’s favourite.  For the more feminine home I think.

york-brooklyn-bridge-colour-maroon-from Whats on your wall

Another one for the modern home and I like this one because it is not the usual view of Manhattan.  Lovely colours too.

scenic-water-wave-colour-blue-from Whats on your wall

And it all of these are a bit too hard edged and modern for you, how about crashing waves.  This one would suit a more traditional type home too.

abstract-graffiti-cuts-posters-from Whats on your Wall

And I couldn’t resist this one of graffiti and torn posters.  Very edgy and urban, don’t you think?

All of the posters come ready to hang and they will also turn your own photographs into canvas art too.

So what’s on your wall?

September 11, 2013



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