What Does Your Sofa Say About You?

Buying a new sofa is one of the bigger purchases we may make for the home. A well made one will last for years and choosing the right style for your décor and your own personality is no easy task. So with tongue firmly in cheek, I’m going to try to take a little bit of the stress out of the decision making, because believe it or not there is a perfect sofa for you!

Couch - Kipling 3 seater

Kipling three-seater sofa in Flanders Stone (£995), SofaSofa.

For the modern miss and her family, you can’t go wrong with the Kipling sofa above. It won’t look out of place in a period home or indeed a more modern city apartment. Its deep comfy cushioned seats, chunky feet and classic proportions mean it will never go out of style and will look good for years to come.

Couch - Daisy love seat in Warwick Chilli

Daisy Love Seat in Warwick Chilli (£695), SofaSofa.

For the hopeless romantic. The Daisy Love Seat is made for the woman (or man) who just loves vintage. From a practical point of view it’s also perfect for rooms with more modest proportions. But you can’t deny, the floral print and wooden turned legs hark back to a more gentile way of living and it gives a perfect excuse to cosy up with a loved one.

Couch, Florence sofa

Florence three-seater sofa in Flanders Stone (£995), SofaSofa

The Florence sofa is more of a design classic and eminently suitable for the fashion conscience city dweller who loves formality and style. It’s high back and low arms are more conducive to witty conversation than lounging. Cocktails anyone?

Couch - Austen in Flanders Duck Egg

Austen three-seater sofa in Flanders Duck Egg (£725), SofaSofa.

The Austen is perfect for the traditionalist at heart. The elegantly scrolled arms will look just as good in a country cottage or a more classic setting. It’s the kind of style that will transcend fashion and fads and will remain a favourite for years.

Couch - Beatrix Chair and Footstool in Chatsworth Taupe

Beatrix Chair (£525) and Footstool (£265) in Chatsworth Taupe, Couch.

Ok, so I’ve snuck in an armchair. But this one is so darned cute it deserves its place here. It’s for all you who love tradition, style, and comfort.

The Florence is also available as a four-seater sofa.

This post has been sponsored by SofaSofa, a family-run business who produce quality furniture at a fraction of the price you’d find on the high street.


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    March 20, 2015

    Great article! LOVE the Daisy Love Seat :)))