Weekends Are For Re-Fueling


What are you plans for the weekend my lovelies? Chesney’s recently asked me how I like to refuel at this time of year after a hard week at work and I didn’t need much persuading to indulge in a little fantasy about my ideal weekend. I had to use my imagination a teeny bit, because I don’t have an open fire at home (I wish, I wish!) but visualising is my second name so it wasn’t such a hard task.

Roxburghe with Osterley Brass Fire Basket from Chesneys

The Roxburghe with Osterley Brass Fire Basket from Chesneys

A Friday night date night would be the ideal end to a stressful week. In my fondest dreams I would come home to a sparkly clean house (no chores for me in my fantasy refuelling weekend!) and a cosy warm welcome. All of the lamps would be lit, the table would be set for two, and a waft of something delicious would be emerging from the kitchen. After a tasty meal and a glass or two of wine, the washing-up would magically disappear, and it would be time to relax in front of a glowing fire. Recent studies have shown that sitting before a fireplace causes our blood pressure to drop and leaves us feeling more at ease, so it would be the perfect way to end the evening.

The Madison with Soho Fire Basket and Leaf FireDogs from Chesney's

The Madison with Soho Fire Basket and Leaf Fire Dogs from Chesney’s

Saturday (after a hearty breakfast) would probably see us taking the dog for a long bracing walk. The countryside at this time of the year is beautiful and there’s nothing better than kicking up the leaves and enjoying the fresh air. There’s also nothing nicer than returning home with pink cheeks to a welcoming fire where you can warm the toes and dry off. Of course a tray of tea and toasted teacakes wouldn’t go amiss either. Neither would a good book and a pile of unread magazines.

Locke with Croome Brass Fire Basket from Chesney's

The Locke with Croome Brass Fire Basket from Chesney’s

My ideal Sunday would involve friends, family and a fabulous roast dinner.  It’s a tradition that seems to have fallen by the wayside lately but will be reintroduced this weekend. Just the thought of it conjures up the taste of mum’s roast lamb, roast potatoes and mint sauce, followed of course by apple crumble and custard. Sunday afternoons would be spent in front of the fire watching cheesy films and ignoring the fact that it’s Monday tomorrow.

1548 Chesney's

The Ealing from Chesney’s

How do you re-fuel after a hard week? If you pop over to the Chesney’s Facebook page and share how you relax you will be in for the chance to win a Classic Christmas Hamper from Fortnum & Mason. An answer will chosen be chosen at random on the 14th December.


This post was written in partnership with Chesney’s who over the past 25 years has established itself as the UK’s leading supplier of luxury fireplaces and wood burning stoves. The company’s success has been based on a passionate commitment to good design, intelligent engineering, craftsmanship, innovation and outstanding service.

November 16, 2015



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    November 13, 2015

    That is definitely the perfect weekend, and in fact most of my weekends, or at least Friday and Saturday are spent like that (though Sunday is my chill out on my own day – as bf goes cycling). I have always lived in places with open fires until recently, now I just have an imitation gas one, which I’ve always poo pooed before, but it makes me feel just as cosy!

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      November 13, 2015

      Ooh lucky you Molly. I usually find I have to work at the weekends so the fire would be a waste on me anyway 🙁

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    November 13, 2015

    Whenever I feel like I need a pick me up on a cold day, i’ll request a log burning session. Always works!

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      November 13, 2015

      Sounds lovely Karen. ‘note to self’ buy house with real fire 🙂


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