WATT is the New Ghent Hotspot

There’s no denying that when we travel these days we’re all looking for more than just a place to rest our head. The rise of the designer hotel and the popularity of renting someone else’s pad all indicate that we’re now looking for an experience rather than a just a hotel. We want to get a feel of the city we’re staying in and we don’t want to feel like a tourist. Some, may even want to be taken out of their comfort zone completely.

WATT, Ghent [1]

The creative agency DIFT and project developer  Re-Vive have joined forces for WATT, a brand new real estate project that gives you the opportunity to enjoy and experience Ghent in a way that no run-of-the-mill hotel can. The apartment is situated on the top floor of WATT Ghent with spectacular views of the city’s skyline. The building also houses a design gallery, a fashion shop, a magazine store, a beauty salon, a cocktail bar and a plant shop.

WATT, Ghent [2]

Next to the living room, there are four big bedrooms, all of them with their own individual design: the green room, the animal room, the quiet room and the school room. And all of them are full of brands such as espooPiet MoodshopHuiszwaluw Home, KoperhuisLabt and Studio Klaer adding to their design credentials. Some parts of the building were conserved and some treasures found at the site were dragged upstairs.

WATT, Ghent [3]

It had me at the green room.

WATT, Ghent [4]

This place is perfectly located to discover Gent and you can discover more information about the apartment and bookings through Airbnb.



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