Vanessa Conyers Ceramics

I’ve been a little in love with the work of Vanessa Conyers ever since I saw a couple of her pieces on the Mia Fleur website.

Vanessa Conyers Magic Weather Bowl

Via Mia Fleur

They are a combination of  glamorous deco-inspired nostalgia and wonkyness.  And yet they manage to convey a magical lightness and the gold touched rims give them a rather shimmering fairytale beauty.

Vanessa Conyers Magic Weather Jug

Via Mia Fleur

And you know how much I like black lace?

Vanessa Conyers

Via Vanessa Conyers

Amazingly Vanessa had never designed ceramics before she was commissioned to make a 100 piece dinner service a couple of years ago.  It took a year to design but the clients were delighted if rather surprised by the outcome.

Thank goodness for open-minded clients!



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