Utility Room Dreaming

Are you one of those lucky people who already have a utility room? No, me neither. Are you one of those people who always has a mental check-list of what you’ll have in the next house? Yes? Me too! And a utility room is at the top of that list I have to say. I’m beginning to think that my mental check-list is so long, I’ll only achieve it all if I self-build. It’s that long. But I digress. Let’s start at the top.

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What Exactly is a Utility Room?

Utility Room Dreaming

Flooring is Parquet Stone (Neisha Crosland) from Harvey Maria.

My definition. A utility room is the most practical room in the house, where you can perform all of those messy tasks we all have to undertake, completely out of sight. Ideally it’s situated at the side of the house (because you’ll always want the best rooms back and front where they’ll have the best views), off the kitchen, and with a door to the outside. This is so you can walk the dog into the utility room without walking muddy paws through the rest of the house and where you can get him, and your own muddy boots clean.

Utility Room Dreaming

Colosseum Spruce Luxury Vinyl Tiles from Lifestyle Floors.

It’s also the room where you’ll take care of the laundry. So you’ll have the washer, dryer, and drying rack in there. Along with a deep sink for hand washing, bathing the afore mentioned dog (only if he’s smaller than mine!), and scrubbing those pans that won’t fit into the dishwasher. It’s where you’ll store all cleaning materials, flower arranging and plant re-potting materials, and anything else you don’t want cluttering up your neat and tidy kitchen. It can also double as a larder.

Utility Room Dreaming

Housekeepers Lambswool Duster, Feather Duster, Housekeeper Tea Towels, Wooden Dish Brush, Zen Stripe Pack of 3 Tea Towels, Water’s Edge Clock, all Dunelm.

What Should a Utility Room Look Like?

My opinion. It should look as beautiful as the rest of the house of course. It might be the room where all the messy stuff takes place but it can still be stylish. Mine will mirror the kitchen but in a simpler way. The flooring may be practical but will be good to look at, the units will be beautifully fitted with a mixture of wall cupboards and shelves (to display lovely vases and storage jars), a deep belfast sink and vintage looking accessories. Why buy plastic (it’s bad for the planet don’t you know by now?) when you can buy bamboo, wood, metal and basketware. They do the job just as well after all, and will be easier on the eye.

Utility Room Dreaming

Those mucky tasks won’t even feel like chores.

  1. Full Circle Clean Sweep Broom, *John Lewis.
  2. Round Rattan Baskets, Idyll Home.
  3. Redecker Ostrich Feather Duster, *John Lewis.
  4. Giro Industrial Wall Shelf with Hooks by BePureHome, *Cuckooland.
  5. Living Nostalgia Traditional Dustpan and Brush Set, Kitchen Craft.
  6. Kitchen & Wash Cloth, Noteworthy Style.
  7. Living Nostalgia Antique Cream Peg Tin, Kitchen Craft.
  8. Living Nostalgia Metal Kitchen Compost Bin, Kitchen Craft.
  9. Morris Grey Woven Laundry Basket with Handles, *Habitat.


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