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bhs_spring 2016

After confessing the other day that I still haven’t painted or papered the walls at home, I’m going to make an even bigger confession and admit I still have bare bulbs hanging in the bedroom. I know. Shocking. Call myself an interior designer! The fact that last year we concentrated on the garden, and now we’re concentrating on the cottage, is no excuse really. I should know better. It’s not like I don’t know where to find fantastic lighting. I just can’t find the lighting I want for me.

But there is one place that I look with interest every season and that’s BHS. They never fail to surprise me with the range and quality of their collections, and their prices aren’t bad either.


Adelene Chandelier, £420

I mean, how sexy is this chandelier? It doesn’t actually come festooned with moss (more’s the pity) but it would make a fabulous statement light in the right room. Imagine it over a dining table or hanging in a hall. Or better still hanging between the beams in that barn conversion that still only lives in my head.

And just a few more of my favourites…

bhs_spring 2016_lighting

1.Madison Diner Pendant, £150.

2.Bayan Chandelier, £250.

3.Herve Cluster, £180.

4.Ursula Large Pendant, £300.

5.Cannes Cluster, £200.

6.Bryant Table Lamp, £50.

7.Senna Pendant, £80.

8.Pineapple Cloche Table Lamp, £50.

9.Jana Pineapple Pendant, £80.


What’s more, as part of the BHS Start the Season for Less campaign there is currently up to 50% off of some items in home and lighting. I know where I’ll be browsing later and maybe I might even find something for my bedroom.

Shop here.

Ends Wednesday 27th January 2016.



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    January 23, 2016

    My grandma had a nice chandelier. I don’t know if it fits our place. Never thought about it. I think I love more the practical idea of spot light. My opp.

    • Reply


      January 27, 2016

      There’s a place for both I think Abby. Chandeliers are more of a decorative statement piece and can be combined with spots 🙂


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