Trends: Indoor Hanging Plant Pots

Indoor plants are certainly having a moment right now. It seems everywhere you turn there are green fronds trailing across shelves, jungle size plants bursting out of corners, and succulents taking residence on coffee tables. And it’s a trend I’d love to buy into fully. There are two problems though. One, I’m not at all green-fingered. Two, my house is dark, and even if I buy the hardiest of all indoor plants they just don’t seem to thrive. But it hasn’t always been so for me. And I’ll tell you a secret that will no doubt age me terribly but in the interests of full transparency here we go … I once had a giant spider plant in a macrame hanging basket the first time such things were fashionable. God I’m old. And it was magnificent. It was hung squarely in front of a rectangular window with nothing to obstruct it’s beauty and hundreds of babies. If Instagram had been around then, it would no doubt have been my most photographed corner.

So, the reason I’m telling you this? Hanging plant pots may be the answer to my problem of wanting to go green but not having enough light. Or window ledges. Or tables under windows.

Take a Look

Trends Indoor Hanging Plant Pots

Look! Spider plants with babies.

Now, doesn’t this image from Garden Trading just fill you with inspiration? You could hang one of these beauties in the centre of a window (as I did back in the day), or you could hang a trio in a corner observing the stylists rule of grouping in three’s. It will all depend on the size of your plants, and not forgetting that they will grow. Hanging them to the side of the window will also avoid the problem of obstructing the window opening (my window didn’t open so I didn’t have to worry about that) and moving them whenever you want to clean.

Things to Consider

Before you hang your pots and style your plants, you do have to consider how you are going to water them. I may not be a plant expert but I do know that over, or under-watering a plant is one of the biggest killers. And watering a plant that is in a not-easy-to-access pot needs to carefully managed. I usually water in the bath or sink and let the plant drain before it goes back into it’s decorative pot and position, and trust me, you won’t want to do this if the plant is hanging from the ceiling. I’d advise using a pot with drainage inside another pot that will contain any drips. And then don’t over-water whatever you do.

Take Your Pick

Trends: Indoor Hanging Plant Pots


  1. Terrazzo Hanging Plant Pot, Scaramanga Shop.
  2. Hanging Ceramic Planter, Etsy.
  3. Bloomingville Gold Hanging Plant Pot, Hurn & Hurn.
  4. Jute Hanging Plant Pot with PVC Liner, Garden Trading.
  5. Stoneware Hanging Flowerpot, Andshine.
  6. Tired Eyes Hanging Plant Pot, Albert and Moo.
  7. Obelisk Hanging Plant Pot, The Contemporary Home.
  8. Enamel Hanging Planter, Bohemia Design.
Or Splash Out

Trends Indoor Hanging Plant Pots

Morvah Ceiling Hanging Planters from Tom Raffield.


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