Trends – Coloured Sofas and How to Decorate Around Them

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If you were to ask me if I had any regrets over decisions made in the past five years, I wouldn’t hesitate. I have no regrets about moving out of London for instance. I just wish I’d done it sooner. I have no regrets about getting a dog, bless him. Big, hairy, thing that he is. No, the biggest regret I have over the past five years, is buying a GREY SOFA! It’s a practical choice granted. It doesn’t show the dirt, and it goes with practically every other colour. But it’s also so dull. Dull, dull, dull. So when I noticed the new coloured sofas and love seats featuring a lot on the Darlings of Chelsea website I was green with envy.

Trends - Coloured Sofas and How to Decorate Around Them

Evelyn Sofa
Millennial Pink With Black and White

Millennial pink has been blazing through interiors for a while now, mostly on walls, but this year we are starting to see this muted pink shade on upholstery too. If you think this colour is just too sweet and sugary you couldn’t be more wrong. It’s all to do with how you use it. I’m seeing lots of bohemian inspired rooms using powder pink paired with monochrome accessories. The addition of black and white brings the pastel pink down a notch. But remember to use lots of texture for a true boho-chic inspired scheme, with shaggy Moroccan inspired rugs, soft cushions featuring geometric patterns in neutral colours, basketware, and plants. Search for pink sofas on Pinterest and this is the look you will see the most.

Trends - Coloured Sofas and How to Decorate Around Them

Paisley Sofa
Millennial Pink With Emerald Green

If you prefer a bolder more daring scheme, consider a muted pink sofa against dark emerald green walls. It’s powerful and very dramatic, and the contrast makes the pink stand out more. You could take this look further down the Art-Deco route (another big trend for 2019) with plenty of velvet, plush carpet, symmetrically placed side tables, and glamorous geometric shapes. Even without these deco features, this scheme would benefit from the addition of shiny metals and sparkly crystals.

Trends - Coloured Sofas and How to Decorate Around Them

Kingston sofa
Mustard Yellow With Grey

According to Darlings of Chelsea mellow yellows are shaping up to be a popular colour for interior trends in 2019. It’s not surprising really. In these uncertain economic times we need some cheering up, and what better colour to do it with? It’s also the perfect colour to offset against those dark grey walls we’ve all been decorating with in recent years. Guilty as charged, yer ‘onour. Yellow will add a dose of sunshine on even the dullest of days and will provide a perfect accent colour. Don’t overdo it though by added yellow accents elsewhere. To get the full effect, just have a single yellow sofa or just one yellow armchair.

Trends - Coloured Sofas and How to Decorate Around Them

Darwin Loveseat
Mustard Yellow With Blue

Opposites on the colour wheel (sort of, technically it’s purple but I’m using some poetic license), yellow and blue go together very well. Often seen together in nature, go all out and add bold floral cushions or curtains for an exhuberant and summery scheme. If you keep the walls white you can ever add more colour and pattern with artwork and rugs.

Trends - Coloured Sofas and How to Decorate Around Them

Brighton Sofa
Minty Green With Other Colours

Minty green is also another popular shade. It’s a colour that is perfectly suited to mixing with pastels as none of them will overpower the other. It’s a relaxing shade and very easy on the eye. So as not to overdue the sweetness of the pastels, add natural textures to the scheme. Seagrass rugs, baskets, natural wood, brick and rattan all spring to mind for a relaxed and nature-inspired look.

This post was written in collaboration with Darlings of Chelsea but all views are my own. I only work with companies I love and would use myself.


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    Kimberly Duran

    February 13, 2019

    Well, this is a relief to read because I’ve been debating on a couple of new sofas this year and trying to talk myself into going ahead with the 2 colours I really want (deep burgundy & rose pink) rather than giving in to something a little more ‘safe’ (like grey or greige)! You’ve convinced me! Ha! These are delicious 😉 xxx

    • Reply


      February 13, 2019

      Go for it I say! I’m so itching to get something coloured and bright. x


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