To be, or not to be, my Valentine

You would have to be living under a stone not to know that Valentines day is less than a week away.  Every shop is filled with red hearts and cheesy cards after all, and a little bit of me wants to ignore it all and protest against this over commercialised hype.

But then again, I wouldn’t say no if a certain someone were to surprise me with one of these next week.

 Aren’t these little sugar hearts from Cox & Cox a sweet idea for morning coffee?

And I’m loving these white letters from Bottle Green Homes.

And if he wanted to slip this little ceramic heart from An Angel at my Table into my pocket, I wouldn’t complain.

 Three times love in magenta flock from Johnny Egg would be enough I think.

I’m also quite taken with the subtle heart on this china from Reiko Kaneko.

Failing that, I’m always a sucker for roses!

February 10, 2012



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    Hannah from Plumbs

    February 10, 2012

    Some beautiful finds here Carole – I’d be more than happy with these sugar hearts next week! I love Valentines, not for the cheese and the forced professions of love, but for the decor inspiration we can gleen from it! I posted myself last week about ways to use hearts around the house and am working on a design board inspired by valentines day colours.

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    February 9, 2012

    Awww man! The sugar hearts are so sweet! Plus I love the image itself. Happy Hearts Day to you 😉


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