Things You Need on Your Sideboard

Most of us have a sideboard in our homes. It’s one of the most useful pieces of furniture you can own after all. Handy in the dining room for storing the tableware that doesn’t come out very often. Or the crafting paraphanalia that comes out even less often. And priceless in the sitting room for hiding all of the things necessary for modern family life that you don’t want to see out on show. In fact in today’s modern homes that don’t always have a fireplace, the sideboard often becomes the focal point of the room. So to leave the top bare and unloved is an interior design crime and you should know better! The sideboard is the perfect opportunity to showcase your most precious possessions and display a little bit of your unique personality. Here are my recommendations for things you need on your sideboard.

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Image Credit: *Marks and Spencer.

A Lamp

The sideboard is the perfect place to position a statement lamp. The size and shape of the lamp is down to personal preference and could very well set the tone for the rest of the accessories in the room. But the design of the lamp is secondary to the fact that if will spill light across the surface in the evenings, draw the eye as a lit fire would, and highlight the rest of your collections. The only exceptions to this rule in my mind is if there is a wall-light (or two) already above the sideboard, or a floor lamp by it’s side.

Things You Need on Your Sideboard

Image Credit: Next Home.

Art or a Mirror

Unless you have a bold and wacky wallpaper on the wall behind the sideboard, you will need a mirror or a piece of art. This will balance out the weight of the tablelamp and anchor the entire arrangement against the wall. It doesn’t have to be placed centrally. In fact off-centre is always more effective. And it doesn’t even have to be nailed to the wall. A piece of art casually leaning against the wall is a styling trick we can all use.

Things You Need on Your Sideboard

Richmond Sideboard, *Habitat


Using a pile of horizontal books is another very effective styling trick. It creates different heights on which to place things, which always looks more pleasing to the eye than having everything at the same level.

Things You Need on Your Sideboard

Image Credit: Next Home.

Something Fresh and Living

A vase of flowers or a plant in a handsome pot will also add height to any arrangement, and will bring any scheme to life. In fact why stop at one. A tall vase or plant at one end, echoed by a smaller flower arrangement further along will help the eye to move across your perfectly styled sideboard effortlessly.

Things You Need on Your Sideboard

Balterio Xpressions Laminate In Blocks, Carpetright.


In the same way, a few candles or tealights dotted around will duplicate the effect of the table lamp at night. Even better if they are scented. Remember decorating and styling is about involving all of the scenses when at all possible.

Things You Need on Your Sideboard

Blue Cream Sideboard, Shimu.

Personal Mementoes

This is where your personality can really shine out. Add to your arrangement some things that are special to you. It may be family photographs, travel souvenirs or birthday gifts from someone special. Remember the styling rule of three when grouping things together and vary the heights and textures as much as possible.


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February 12, 2020



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