The Vittsjo Shelves from Ikea

I’ve been looking at the Vittsjo shelves in Ikea for a while now. Bookshelves can sometimes make smaller rooms look oppressive but the combination of metal and glass is quite appealing. The new house (like most new builds) has room dimensions that are going to be challenging decoration wise. A lot of my existing furniture is simply not going to fit, and while it’s a good excuse to shop it’s quite heartbreaking to part with some of it. What I do buy new is going to have to last a long time and that’s another good thing about the Ikea shelves – they look more expensive than they are!

Ikea - Vittsjo

Apart from the baskets on the bottom shelves I can imagine this kind of styling for the living room. My design books on their sides and my collection of travel mementoes, and things I just want to be able to see every single day.

And they look good hacked too!

Ikea - Vittsjo via Crystalin Marie

Sprayed white they exude a whole different vibe.

Ikea - Vittsjo via Style Spell Book

And sprayed gold takes them upmarket by miles. Not sure about covering the glass with wood though.

Ikea - Vittsjo via Emily Henderson via Decor Pad

But actually I think I would keep them black.

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December 18, 2013



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