The Vintage Curiosity Range at BHS

New for spring/summer at BHS is this eclectic range called Vintage Curiosity. For everyone who likes Victoriana, reclaimed items, butterflies, birdcages and flowers. Preferably all mixed together with blocks of solid, bold colour.

Very boho. Very feminine.

BHS Vintage_Curioosity_Living

There are no half measures with this look. You have to go all the way with mis-matched florals and lots of accessories. Think granny-chic but with bolder colour combinations.

BHS Vintage_Curiosity_Bedroom

In the bedroom you can be even bolder. This is usually the feminine domain anyway and Victorian style bedsteads are de-rigeur with lots of pretty knick-knacks and of course a crystal chandelier.

BHS Vintage_Curiosity_Bathroom

Even the bathroom can get the Vintage Curiosity treatment. It’s the perfect excuse to decant all of your beauty products into pretty glass jars after all.

And it doesn’t have to break the bank.

BHS Vintage_Curiosity_Trend

Available at BHS.



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