The Ultimate Bath-Night Experience

One of the nicest things about endless winter evenings is a long hot soak in the bath. Showers are for summer. But when the nights draw in, nothing beats immersing yourself in bubbles, glass of wine within reach, fluffy towels on the radiator and some soft music playing in the background. It’s the perfect way to unwind, forget the journey home from work, and ignore the awful weather outside.

victoria plum

The Arc freestanding bath from

In an ideal world I’d have a freestanding bath and one deep enough to wallow in. The kind of bath found in high-end boutique hotels, positioned at the end of the bed and close to a roaring fire. Well, that’s in an ideal world, but there’s nothing wrong with thinking big! As long as a bath is a good fit for you (and I really recommend trying them out before buying no matter how embarrassing that might be in a packed showroom)and comfortable, you can always close your eyes and use your imagination.

bathnight essentials

Essentials: Fluffy towels (Amara), sweet smelling oils (Aroma Works), luxury soap (holder from Tiger Stores)

Heating the bathroom effectively is also crucial to the whole experience of bath night. There’s nothing worse than stepping out of warm water to a chilly room. Underfloor heating is an achievable luxury for some, but if you are strapped for cash or live in a rental, a heated towel rail is one of life’s essentials. The resulting warm towels are a must and the fluffier the better.

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The Shakespeare black roll top bath with dragon feet from

A steamy atmosphere can ruin the relaxing experience, so make sure the room is well ventilated and invest in a mirror that doesn’t mist up. No one wants to get out the cleaning products. That’s a really effective mood-killer. And so is harsh lighting. If you can’t put the lights on a dimmer switch, or you don’t have any alternative to the overhead light, turn it off altogether. Candlelight is much nicer.


Your own tropical paradise with plants hanging from the shower rail? Knotted plant hangers from Eleanor Bolton

The small things are also important, so don’t forget them. Things like sweet smelling oils, soap that lathers up nicely and a fluffy bathmat to wriggle the toes in. All are the things that make the whole experience so much nicer. Like having your own in-house spa!

tropical bathnight

Bath-time Kitsch? Plates and Parrot Print (Rose & Grey), pineapple jewellery holder (Oliver Bonas)

Of course, if you really want to forget the time of year, you can always turn your bathroom into your own little slice of paradise, where tropical foliage, hothouse flowers, and exotic flora and fauna remind you of holidays past. Plants love the hot, humid atmosphere and should thrive, so all you have to do is add a few well chosen accessories, turn up the heat, and mix yourself a cocktail.

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The Harrison freestanding bath from

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