The Trend for Dark and Moody Moves into the Garden

As more and more of us are using the garden as an extra living room in our space starved homes, it makes sense that we continue our colour schemes out into the garden too. If we have a preference for mid to dark greys (or even black) inside, continuing this theme into our outside space will create flow and continuity. And it’s bang-on-trend-too.

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Fences and Walls

The Trend for Dark and Moody Moves into the Garden

Pergola, splashback and worktop in the same rich Old English Green from Cuprinol.

Wooden fences will naturally age to a dark grey if we leave them untreated, but it will take a good few years. And in practical terms if we want them to last a very long time we need to treat them against the weather anyway. One of my pet hates is for those horrible bright orange fences, so why not paint them a much more soothing shade of grey or black instead. It’s much easier on the eye and you will be amazed at how much bright green foliage and colourful flowers will pop against a darker background.

Decking and Patios

The Trend for Dark and Moody Moves into the Garden

Decking painted in Cuprinol Anti-slip Decking Stain.

Similarly why not treat wooden decking to a dark shade of grey too. If you are using composite decking it will coming in grey shades anyway and save you the problem of doing it every year. But either way, when choosing colours consider how they will look together. Much as you would choose things for your interior space. Too much of one colour will look dull and boring, so if your decking is grey, maybe choose a darker shade or even black for your fences.

The Trend for Dark and Moody Moves into the Garden

Seattle Outdoor Rug in Chestnut Brown from Cuckooland.

If you are committed to a dark and moody scheme and your patios are already a colour you cannot or don’t want to change, there are lots of outdoor rugs on the market that will do the job just as well. As in your living room, choose a size that will be big enough for all of your furniture to sit on it. Or at least the front legs in the case of armchairs and lounging furniture. So that it creates a cosy conversation group, just like inside.

Furniture and Accessories

The Trend for Dark and Moody Moves into the Garden

Two-tone panels painted in Cuprinol Ducksback Silver Copse™ and Black.

There is a wide choice of contemporary garden furniture available in black. But if you prefer wood or maybe rattan, black cushions will fit with the dark scheme and bring the whole look together. You can always accessorise with brighter colours on your scatter cushions if you are missing colour and it’s a trick you have used indoors. In fact any colour and any texture will work against a neutral dark background whatever your preferences. Me? I like to keep it industrial looking with aged metals and antique terracotta but the choice is yours.

The Trend for Dark and Moody Moves into the Garden

The Bowl Cocoon Gas Fire Pit from Cuckooland.

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