The Swedish Collection from Vanessa Arbuthnott

New for 2012, the Swedish Collection from Vanessa Arbuthnott.

Taking inspiration from some of the iconic British designers of the 1950’s but with a subtle Scandinavian twist.

Simple images of birds and stylised foliage in soft Gustavian colours but paired with surprisingly bright contemporary colours too.  Like this soft blue and zingy orange.

I wanted to capture the nostalgia of a very English style, but reinterpret it in a way that wasn’t too quaint or fussy: in essence to bridge the gap between town and country, classic and contemporary, without ever seeming as though it’s trying too hard or looking out-of-place.”

 Lovely for summer!


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    Jon Madeley

    May 29, 2012

    We are very grateful to Vanessa for using so much of our furniture in the shots of her lovely new Swedish Collection!
    From all at Scumble Goosie


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