The Summertime Blues

As we all wilt under the heat of this fabulous heat wave, I find myself longing for the refreshing and cooling palette of blue and white.  Just the sight of this combination is enough to evoke the feeling of welcome sea breezes and cold dips in the pool.

And you don’t have far to look to find blue and white inspiration either.  My inbox is absolutely full of wonderful products that, I swear appeared just  to satisfy my cravings.  Here are a few of my favourites.

Bluebellgray - Delphinium 1

The new ‘Delphinium’ fabric from Bluebellgray.  Much as I love Fi’s multicoloured designs, I think this new one is my current infatuation.  So fresh and clean!

Teapot Decors - British Ceramic Tile’s Character collection

I also love these milk jug and teapot decors from British Ceramic Tile. They have a hand-drawn, sketched effect, which combined with the thick, rich glazed tiles gives a satisfying vintage effect.

_Loaf Corner sofa

The new corner sofa from Loaf is just inviting me to lounge and read that book I’ve been promising to read for ages.

Heathfield 1

Pick a colour any colour, as long as it’s blue or white.  And there are plenty of blue and white lamps to choose from at Heathfield.

Ikea 1

And to accessorize?  Some pretty blue and white vases from Ikea.  Image courtesy of

I’ll bet you feel cooler now?