The Streamlined Kitchen Trend

Have you noticed the quiet revolution going on in the kitchen? The heart of the home has been changing by stealth. It no longer lures us with its homely array of comforting utensils and practical displays. Nowadays it’s more of a silent pulse. It still beats, but it’s unnoticeable until you need it. And it’s become much more effective in every way. More energy efficient, more workable, more integrated and less segregated from other rooms in the house. It’s become streamlined!

Costas Picadas

It had to happen. The ideal today is to live, work, eat, entertain and relax in one open-plan space. There are no walls to hide dishes behind. No screens, no doors to shut. The kitchen has had to adapt to being a part of the overall scheme of things and it has to look as good as every other part of the house. And look good it does too.

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Cupboard doors have become smooth and glossy with no handles to distract the eye. Worktops have become things of beauty. They are now made of luxurious materials that glimmer and shine like jewels. Taps are minimal; extractors resemble chandeliers or slide away at the press of a button. Integrated appliances are hidden behind doors so that they can hum away in the background. It still attracts. But nowadays guests are more likely to be perched on a designer bar stool than sitting companionably around the kitchen table.

Stephanie Coutas - Parisian Apartment via Heart Home mag

But that doesn’t mean that our streamlined kitchens have become devoid of decoration. There’s still scope to show our personality. It’s just that now that decoration might be a work of art, a favourite piece of sculpture, a collection of coloured glass or like other rooms in the house, a vase of exotic blooms.

James Balston Photography [1]

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