The Rustic Style Bathroom

I’ve seen a growing tendency to add more personality to bathroom design. It may often be the smallest room in the house, but it has lots of scope for making it a space that can not only be practical, but also fulfill some of our fantasies. After all, you don’t spend that much time in the bathroom and when you do, it’s usually to wallow in warm suds and dream a little. So what’s wrong with dreaming that you are somewhere deep in the country, high in the Swiss Alps, or ensconced in a New York loft?

Rustic style bathroom by Ardesia Design via Homify

Bathroom by Ardesia Design via Homify

Let’s be clear, I’m not advocating rusty tin basins or century’s old taps. I’ll always recommend top quality fittings and the latest innovation in bathroom design when it comes to shower heads and ceramics. Your style may be contemporary or more traditional, but it’s important that bathrooms are efficient, have plenty of storage to avoid clutter, and are easy to clean.

Rustic style bathroom by Deu i Deu via Homify

Bathroom by Deu i Deu via Homify

What I do love however, is the juxtaposition of sleek white fittings against more earthy materials. For me, the rustic style bathroom means the perfect marriage between the rough and the smooth. Wood, brick and stone (although not all at once please!) make the perfect cladding for walls, shelves and floors and can replace tiles in all areas except inside the shower. Even tiles that replicate metal can now be sourced and may be an option for the shower cubicle but my all time favourite has to be the metro (or subway) tile which, although not rustic, has a certain utilitarian charm.

Rustic style bathroom by Andrea Rossini Architetto via Homify

Bathroom by Andrea Rossini Architetto via Homify

I think it’s also important to add an element of luxury to this type of scheme too. Even if it’s only stacks of neatly folded fluffy towels or an extra indulgent brand of shampoo, there should be something there that demonstrates that the rustic bathroom is a style choice and not a necessity.

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June 18, 2015



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