The Perfect Bathroom Challenge

I like a challenge, so when CP Hart invited me (and other interiors bloggers and stylists too) to design my perfect bathroom, how could I resist?

It wasn’t until I started thinking about it however that I realised just how tough a challenge this is.  It’s all very well designing a beautiful bathroom for others.  There is the clients taste and requirements to consider, the space already exists with all its limitations, and there are also budget constraints.  This challenge however has no boundaries except to choose some CP Hart products of course (and that bit was easy, have you seen their inspirations gallery?) so I was completely free to let my imagination soar.

CP Hart Perfect Bathroom Challenge - Inspiration 1

Of course I would like the space to be large with lots of natural light and if it had lots of period details (Georgian by choice) that would be a bonus.  I’d like a large window, preferably with a garden view and I’d like to enter the room through double doors.  See above.

CP Hart Perfect Bathroom Challenge - Textures 1

I’m a bath person really, so the bath would definitely be the focal point of the entire room.  It needs to be deep and comfortable for long soaks at the end of the day and because free-standing baths are without handy ledges for placing products and drinks it needs to have a little table within reach.  My ideal shower, for when I’m in a hurry, would be a wet room hidden behind a wall with access from both sides and with twin shower heads.

Twin basins and mirrors are a must, and a larger cabinet than usual to store toiletries and extra towels.  I also like a large heated towel rail because there is nothing nicer than lots of warm fluffy towels on hand.

CP Hart Perfect Bathroom Challenge - Practicalities 1

With the practicalities out-of-the-way it is time to start thinking about the mood and decoration of the room.  For me, the bathroom is more than just a place to get clean.  It is about indulgence too and relaxation, and its important to consider all of the senses.  It’s also important to have some comfort thrown in as there is nothing worse or more clinical than a bathroom full of hard surfaces and sharp corners.

CP Hart Perfect Bathroom Challenge - Mood 1

I have based the mood and feel of my perfect bathroom on a wall mural from Surface View.  It’s an old photograph from 1938 and encapsulates the glamour of that golden time of Hollywood.  It also has subtle hints of erocticism.  I’ve also used some products that have a Moroccan flavour because the Moroccans definitely know how to indulge themselves at bath time.

So there you have it.  My perfect bathroom.  I hope you like it.

All of the images (and their sources) can be found on my The Perfect Bathroom Pinterest board.  You can also see some more inspiration from CP Hart here.


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