The Outdoor Art Collection at Surface View

With more and more of us using our garden as an extra room, it stands to reason that we want to decorate it like a room. And right on cue Surface View have developed a brand new collection that has been created specifically with the outdoor environment in mind.

Surface View Outdoor Art Collection [1]

Hibiscus Trionum from the Royal Horticultural Society Collection 600 x 1500mm – £670

Beautiful antique etchings, illustrations and engravings from the Ephemera collection provide a creative ambience to a classic garden whereas colourful illustrated studies of flowers, taken from the V&A collection, provide a naturalistic feel. The collection also features some contemporary offerings, such as bold graphic patterns from the Hemingway Design collection, which would sit perfectly in a more urban landscape where concrete is more prevalent than topiary.

Surface View Outdoor Art Collection [2]

Cupid, after Praxiteles from the Ephemera Collection 600 x 1500mm – £445

Each enamel panel boasts an exceptionally durable surface finish that can withstand the wind and rain of the great outdoors. Easy to install and maintain, each bespoke panel is produced with a unique printed design and finished with a Vitreous Enamel coating.

Surface View Outdoor Art Collection [3]

Clockwise from top left, An Alley of Trees in a Park from the National Galleries Scotland Collection, 450 x 600mm – £370, Syon House from the Sir John Sloane’s Museum Collection,  450 x 600mm – £305, Study of a Chrysanthemum from the V&A Collection,  400 x 600mm – £355, Engraving of a Human Skull from the Natural History Museum Collection, 400 x 400mm – £280

March 30, 2015