The New Reclaimed Wood Collection from Nordic House

As we all become more aware of sustainable living and ‘buying less and buying better’ it makes perfect sense to adopt a new approach to our furniture buying too. This new range of wooden furniture and accessories from Nordic House is all about sustainable materials, traditional techniques, and the attention to detail that comes from hand-making. Each piece has been hand-crafted in the English countryside, surrounded by wildflower meadows and forests I’ll bet. And each piece uses classic joinery techniques that complement modern life beautifully. And it couldn’t be more lovely or tactile looking either. I’d happily give any one of this collection a space in my home, and I’d do it with a clear conscience knowing I’m helping the planet too.

My Favourites

The New Reclaimed Wood Collection from Nordic House

Reclaimed Wood X Bench

And while we’re on the subject of sustainability, it also makes sense to buy furniture that has more than one use. That way when we move house, or our tastes change we can simply move pieces around and re-purpose them. This bench is practical for placing around the dining table as it seats more than two when needed, but it would be just as useful in the hallway, or as a coffee table in the living room too.

The New Reclaimed Wood Collection from Nordic House

Reclaimed Wood Bath Caddy

But it’s not all just about the practical either. This bath caddy is practical for holding all the things you need close to hand, but it also adds an indulgent note to the bathroom too. After all, where else can you prop your book, or place your glass of wine so that you don’t have to reach too far?

The New Reclaimed Wood Collection from Nordic House

Industrial Style Shelf Unit

What’s not to love about reclaimed wood within an aged metal frame? It can often be tricky to find stylish storage that’s also practical. With four deep shelves and a sturdy metal frame – not to mention wheels! – this display unit ticks all the practical and versatile boxes. You can use it for plants in a conservatory, open shelving in the kitchen, or styled with books, pictures, and treasures in the living room.

The New Reclaimed Wood Collection from Nordic House

Reclaimed Wood Side Table

Another nifty multi-purpose yet beautiful piece. It could be used as a wonderful occasional table in the living room, or a minimalist bedside table in the bedroom. Or even beside the bath for towels and toiletries. I could probably use one in every room in the house.

The New Reclaimed Wood Collection from Nordic House

Reclaimed Wood Serving Tray

This beautiful piece can also be used as a decorative tray, with candles and ornaments on the coffee table, as well as being food safe and perfect for drinks and nibbles. It will also look as perfectly at home indoors or out.

The New Reclaimed Wood Collection from Nordic House

Vintage Storage Rack

Being such a neat freak I can immediately appreciative this rack, because who said practical storage should only ever be made of plastic! From garden accessories by the back door or in the shed, to stylish stationery storage in the home office, you’ll all find loads of uses for this lovely piece. Pop it on the kitchen table with napkins, cutlery and condiments for informal gatherings. Or perhaps you’ll create a self-care station in your bathroom, with heavenly scents and beauty essentials. Me? I’ll fill it with dusters and cleaning products. It might make the spring clean just a bit more enjoyable.


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