The New Collage Pendants from Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen first launched the Collage pendant in 2005 in cooperation with designer, Louis Campbell and it was displayed for the first time at an exhibition at the Copenhagen furniture fair in 2004. The patterns on the three lasercut acrylic shades are carefully staggered so that there is no glare from the bulb. The patterns differ between the shades, resulting in different effects depending on the angle it is viewed from but the overall effect is a soft diffused light.

collage_aarhus_08 smaller

And now, ten years on it’s being released in a series of douche colours and a new matt velour-like finish. So pretty!


The Collage pendant is available in two sizes: 600 mm (£1,050) and 450 mm (£665) and looks just perfect above the dining table or even meeting tables. To further optimise lighting comfort, an anti-glare set can be purchased for the top and bottom as an optional extra. This diffuses the light directed upwards and downwards, and also inhibits direct views of the light source from all directions.


Whether on or off, it really does create a beautiful focal point don’t you think?

The pendant will be available in UK shops in February.



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