The New Anaglypta Wallpapers

Founded in 1887 Anaglypta is one of the best known and oldest wallpaper brands and synonymous with paintable textured wallpaper.  It fell out of favour for a while but you have to respect its longevity. The original archive consists of 500 patterns, representing styles from the mid 19th and early 20th century and the new collection called  ‘Book 39’ comprises an eclectic range of timeless patterns that celebrate decades of good design.

Anaglypta - EGON 1


Amongst the vast book of 94 papers there are iconic patterns such as the late 19th century ‘Egon’ and ‘Turner Tile’ together with the re-introduced 1930s design, ‘Deco Paradiso’. At a time of renewed interest for textured wall-covering this new collection manages to feel relevant to present day trends while retaining an essence of heritage and period style.

Anaglypta - TURNER TILE 1

Turner Tile

I’m kinda liking the white treatment above paired with contemporary furniture.

Anaglypta - DECO PARADISO 1

Deco Paradiso

Prices range from £8 to £50 per roll.

How do you feel about Anaglypta?

June 30, 2014



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    February 21, 2017

    I’ve been looking for something for the ceiling in my 1920’s semi for a long time and I think I just found it! I’m not sure Egon is quite the right period but it’s so gorgeous! Everyone knocks Anaglypta but you can’t beat it for covering old walls in old houses and it adds a bit of character while you’re at it! I’m not quite brave enough for the bright colours yet though so it’ll be white for now! A huge thank you for helping me in my search!

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      February 21, 2017

      You are welcome 🙂

  2. Reply

    Diane Stember Richards

    April 29, 2016

    Love your aesthetic. great ideas!

    • Reply


      April 30, 2016

      Thanks Diane 🙂

  3. Reply

    February 23, 2016

    Such a nice post about the Anaglypta, we have had a mad rush on it lately, think its just the new year decorating bug, I know even I have it…

  4. Reply

    Karen Barlow

    July 3, 2014

    I think it looks great when painted a strong colour. I love the first image and it really makes the design stand out. Interesting to see an old design reinterpreted for a younger generation, who might not be aware of it. The stylist has done an excellent job of this.

    • Reply

      Amy burke

      March 23, 2016

      Does anyone know what colour the top one Egon,is painted in??thank you!!

      • Reply


        March 23, 2016

        I’m not sure Amy? 🙂


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