The Miniatures Collection by Deborah Bowness

I’ve always been a big fan of Deborah Bowness wallpapers. In fact when I looked back into my archives there are no fewer than three posts there showing wonderful diversity of design.

I do think however that to do the creations justice you really do need high ceilings, or at the very least large expanses of unadorned walls. Like great art, they need room to breath. Sadly, neither of these requirements exist in my modest sized townhouse. So I thought that was it. I’ll follow from afar, admire at trade shows, file in my ‘one day’ file.

But no. Deborah Bowness designs now come in miniature form. No less beautiful. Just as atmospheric.

Deborah Bowness Miniatures [2]

These beautiful prints are exact replicas of the Artists Collection of wallpapers and are one fifth of the size at 12 cms x 60 cms. They combine machine printing with hand silk screen printing and are mounted on greyboard ready to prop or hang on the wall. At £29 they would make lovely gifts.

Deborah Bowness Miniatures [1]

Deborah Bowness Miniatures [4]

Deborah Bowness Miniatures [3]

The special edition ‘Tree for Life’ miniature is £39.

Deborah Bowness Miniatures [5]

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December 15, 2014
December 18, 2014



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