The Lust List at Nordic House

There are some shops where you just can’t wait for the new seasons collections. Nordic House is one for me. Maybe it’s the Scandinavian aesthetic, the abundance of natural materials, or the fine good taste woven through the entire website. I never fail to have a wishlist as long as my arm.

Nordic House, Large Wire Basket Set, £99

 Large Wire Basket Set, £99

Nordic House, Decorative Bamboo Wall Ladder, £49.95

Decorative Bamboo Wall Ladder, £49.95

Nordic House, Zinc Planter Set, £75

Zinc Planter Set, £75

Nordic House, Bottle Tealight Set, £19.95

Bottle Tealight Set, £19.95

Nordic House, Large Zinc Tray, £14

Large Zinc Tray, £14

I do have half an eye on the garden at the moment so I’ve chosen items that would work just as well outside as in. And because I want the garden to be an extension of the house they will suit both environments very well.

This could be expensive!


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    Get Into My Life

    April 22, 2015

    Wow, Absolutely love the wall ladder. You’re completely right about the natural materials, I can only imagine how every ladder would be so completely unique!

    As for the zinc planter set, the fabric handles really soften them. I would never have thought I’d actually use zinc anything, but they complement them surprisingly well.


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