The Limited Edition Brakig Collection from Ikea

Ikea have done it again my lovelies. They have managed to create a collection that is going to satisfy a need in all of us. It’s the Brakig collection and it is calling on the current trend for strong geometric prints and combining them with soft pastels, blond wood and that innate Scandinavian style. The best news is that it’s so reasonably priced. The pastel topped stacking stools are just £12 each! Cheap enough to get one in every colour!!

Ikea Brakig Collection

Ikea Brakig Collection 2

Ikea Brakig Collection - bowls

Hurry though it is a limited edition.



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    Rob James

    February 27, 2014

    They’ve done it again! I’ve used IKEA for quite some time now and they seem to always come up with something I need.

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    February 26, 2014

    Amazing! I had no idea that Ikea were launching this range so thank you for sharing. I need to go and take a closer look I think!


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