The Home of Ferm LIVING – A Lesson in Loft Space Living

Now that furniture showrooms are opening again, do we think we’ll be visiting, or has online shopping taken over? Personally, I don’t think I’ll ever buy large pieces of furniture without seeing them in person. Or a sofa without first sitting on it. But maybe the future of showrooms is changing. Ferm LIVING have just opened their first-ever retail space in Copenhagen, in a historic building nestled between picturesque canals and quirky houseboats.

The showroom takes up the entire ground floor where you can shop the collection, as well as a curated selection of vintage curio, plants, coffee table books and other accessories for the home. And it’s spacious layout invites you to walk around and browse as it you were visiting the home of a new acquaintance for the very first time. And we know satisfying that can be. The added benefit here, is that you can shop all you can see. Now that must be the future of furniture showrooms. 

Take a Look

The Home of Ferm LIVING - Loft space living

It also gives us lots of inspiration on how to turn an industrial space into a comfortable home. Should you be so lucky to own an industrial space in the first place! Those wooden beams and uprights are beautiful in their own right but they help to break up the vast areas into designated spaces. And provide anchors for other space dividers such as bookshelves, while allowing the natural placement of tall plants too. The main drawbacks of large open-plan spaces is how to divide all of those square metres into something more cosy, and knowing where to place things that would normally be placed against a solid wall.

The Home of Ferm LIVING - Loft space living

Note too, the way rugs are used to designate different spaces for different uses. And don’t be afraid to layer rugs. It’s a way to cover large expanses of floor without the enormous pricetags of large rugs. Two rugs of similar colours are used above, but there’s no rules here. Different colours, patterns and indeed shapes can be combined depending on the look you are going for.

The Home of Ferm LIVING - Loft space living

By far the cleverest trick here is those floor to ceiling curtains. Because the track continues all around the space, they can be used to provide privacy across windows at night, as room dividers, and just to soften the aesthetic of too many hard walls. The added benefit is that textiles will improve the acoustics of a large cavenous space too.

Also to divide the public spaces from the more private areas you can erect a half wall. It doesn’t close off the space entirely and still allows light to travel through.

The Home of Ferm LIVING - Loft space living

This is a thrilling milestone for ferm LIVING,” says Founder and Creative Director Trine Andersen, “It has always been a dream and a goal for us to have a space in which we can welcome the public into our ferm LIVING universe. To be able to do that in such a beautiful, historic location in the heart of our beloved hometown is very exciting for us.”

The Home of Ferm LIVING - Loft space living

The Home of ferm LIVING, Kuglegårdsvej 1-5, 1434 Copenhagen K, Denmark

Opening hours – Monday – Friday 12-18 – Saturday 10-16


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