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Did you watch Masterchef my lovelies? I have to admit to a slight obsession with the passion and commitment the contestants always show. I can cook. I used to a quite good cook. But time constraints, constant diets and a severe lack of practice has taken its toll. I usually blame it on the oven. So when I was recently invited by the lovely peeps at Amica to look at their products and their ‘intelligent solutions’ particularly, I came away with a renewed resolve to try harder.

Amica Image 2

And with all of the new technology available now I really don’t think I will have to try that hard at all. Not only do the Amica ovens look sensational, they come with every bell and whistle you can hope for.

Amica Image 6

Self cleaning ovens are not that new, but theirs have a choice of cleaning options. Pyrolytic, which heats the oven to 490 degrees and breaks down every smidgen of grease and stubborn food, or aquatic cleaning which uses half a litre of water to steam the dirt away. The oven door also slides out for easy cleaning.

Amica Image 1

Telescopic guides make it easy to slide out large dishes without reaching inside, and internal lights and cool-to-the-touch doors are top on the list of safety features for families. Along with larger than usual cooking chambers for all of those large meals.

Amica Image 5

But, and this is what really got me excited. There are interactive touch screens that combine technology with easy intuitive operation and integrated cookbooks that mean you will never have to grapple with heavy tomes and sticky pages again. You can even save your favourite recipes to save time later.

And if all of that is not enough for you. You can wow your guest with your recent holiday snaps on the in-built slide show facility (needs USB connectivity). They won’t even notice the food.

This post has been sponsored by Amica who produce a whole range of stylish, modern, energy-efficient household appliances including freestanding and integrated cookers, ovens, fridges, freezers, washing machines, dishwashers, cooker hobs and microwaves.



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