The Curio Collection from Cole & Son

Cole & Son Curio Plume wallpaper

I’m a big fan of wallpaper. And I’m a big fan of Cole & Son. So when they launch a new collection that speaks to me (really speaks to me), I just have to share it.

Inspired by the rarities and objets d’art of the natural world, Curio is a collectors’ box of eleven designs. They include shimmering mineral surfaces, woodgrain textures, wonderful sea corals and precious stones. All are hand-drawn, and all of them are both bold, subtle and unexpected.

These are my favourites.

Cole & Son Curio Seafern Wallpaper


Isn’t it gorgeous? Inspired by antique botanical prints from the late 1700s, Seafern is a plethora of coral species including Staghorn and Ivory Tree. It’s offered in six colourings, comprising botanical fern greens, pale inky blues and soft titian reds, and a more breathtaking charcoal black and emerald green with hints of antique gold.

Cole & Son Curio Wood Grain wallpaper


Can you believe it’s hand-drawn? Woodgrain is an old favourite that has been brought back into the limelight again, with a set of brand new colourings. There’s a true black and white, a smoky coal black with silver, and a selection of softer neutrals, so you can be as bold as you dare or as subtle as the fancy takes you.

Cole & Son Curio Plume wallpaper [1]


The Plume design is reminiscent of African tribal art. This calligraphic mark-making style creates a softly feathered brushstroke stripe. I love it.

Cole & Son Curio Zebrawood wallpaper


Zebrawood is inspired be weathered driftwood combined with animal-like markings. Colours include a dramatic black and white, tigerskin tan and black, and emerald green which all offer a more striking approach, whilst the calmer tones of bleached grey and stone offer a more soothing effect.

Do you have a favourite?



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