Take Me Away – Ratua Private Island……….

I believe I may have found paradise.

Well not personally of course.  It’s a private island in the Vanuatu Archipelago in the South Pacific where there are three villages and a total of 15 villas to rent.

This beautiful island was ‘discovered’ six years ago by a couple who were sailing round the world.  It is actually owned by the community but the village elders entrusted it into their care.  Some sales pitch that must have been!

Now, 100% of the foundations profits go to help the community.

All food is either grown in the kitchen gardens, bred on the island, fished from the sea or plucked from the fruit trees.  The aim is to be self sufficient and carbon neutral.

The buildings are all constructed of wood using ecological building methods and look gorgeously rustic.  I wouldn’t mind ‘roughing’ it in these.

There may be no TV or air conditioning but it’s not all hardship let me tell you.  Just look at this over-water spa.  Now that’s what I call enticing.

Found on Welcome Beyond



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