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Black Kitchen Inspiration from Vipp

There’s something very aesthetically pleasing about the black kitchen from Vipp. It looks modern but not sharp angled. Stylish but with no superfluous design details to detract the eye. It just looks solid and rather handsome. No gimmicks, no trends, just the bare essentials.

Classic Copenhagen apartment, Denmark.
It’s also been…

A Modern Rustic Kitchen by Artichoke

As bespoke kitchens go, this one is pretty damn close to perfection for me. Since I now have my ‘one day house in the country’ I’m dreaming of that ‘one day barn in the country’ and this is the kitchen to go in it. It was actually created by…

Perfect Plants for Perfect Kitchens

I have really fond memories of my grandmother’s kitchen. The scrubbed pine table, the old gas cooker, and the smell of apple tart baking in the oven. I also loved the row of geraniums sitting on the windowsill on saucers. Even now, the smell of geraniums takes me back…