Summer Showers

I might be a long luxurious soak in the bath person normally, but in this weeks’ heatwave it has to be showers all the way.  But that doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on luxury.  So, here are my top tips for making the showering experience one to savour.

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Install the largest shower cubicle your space will allow.  There is nothing worse than knocking elbows against glass, so do yourself a favour and give yourself some room.  There are numerous different enclosures and cubicles available to suit all sorts of situations and with various door openings to make getting in and out easier.

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Place a towel hook, or better still a heated radiator within easy reach of the shower so that you don’t have to fumble for towels with soap in your eyes.  And while we’re on the subject of towels, don’t scrimp on the quality.  There is nothing nicer or more luxurious than fluffy soft towels to wrap yourself in.


Create a handy place for your shampoos and gels.  My pet hate is having to bend to the floor to find my products.  They should be at the correct height for convenience and ideally inset into the wall.  And of course they will be in pretty bottles and will smell absolutely gorgeous.

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Don’t forget to invest in adequate ventilation.  Bathrooms can be hot, steamy affairs but with an effective extractor you can minimise the cloudy mirror problems.

And last but not least.  Spoil yourself.  You are worth it.

Image credits: Style at Home, House to Home, Houzz, Atlanta Homes.



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