Summer Dreaming with Clarke and Clarke

Let’s indulge in a little fantasy today.

It’s one of those sultry summer days in high summer.  There’s just a whisper of a breeze and occasionally a white fluffy cloud will scud across the sky.  The only sound to be heard is the soft drone of the bees and there is a heady fragrance of English roses in the air.

clarke and clarke from 4id interiors - nostalgic_prints-3289

All of the chores are done.  The washing is drying on the line and there is a cake in the oven that will be done just in time for the family’s tea.

clarke and clarke from 4id interiors - rosetta_16

It’s one of those afternoons that seem to go on forever.  An unread book is within reach but it’s just too perfect a day to read.

clarke and clarke from 4id interiors - rosetta_17

It’s a day to dream.

clarke and clarke from 4id interiors - rosetta_24

All fabrics are Clarke and Clarke available from 4id Interiors.

Nostalgia and Rosetta are featured.



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    Michael, Community Manager at Dulux

    May 7, 2013

    Hi Carole,

    What decadent summer colours :). I love the cushions in the kitchen, they really bring out the floral theme. Did you enjoy the incredible weather over the bank holiday?

    Michael, Community Manager, Dulux

    • Reply


      May 7, 2013

      I did thanks. I might become a gardener yet!


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