Styling a Table for a Casual Christmas Lunch

This Christmas will be our first in the new house and I’ve been giving a lot of thought this weekend about how to decorate for the festive season. Downsizing has thrown up lot’s of limitations, not least of which is where to put the blinking Christmas tree!  On top of which, I no longer have a mantelpiece, a large hall or a separate dining room. So we’ll be eating in the kitchen and I’ve decided to keep things casual with some carefully chosen products from the Heart of House range available at Argos that has more than 1100 practical and stylish home products.

Festive Table Styling via Dear Designer's Blog [8]

As a departure from the usual red, gold and greens I’ve taken inspiration from the dried hydrangea heads that I cut and brought in from the garden at the end of the summer. I love the soft purple and brown colours with just a tint of pink. I’d also collected some pine cones earlier this year and together they formed the basis of a soft organic scheme.

Festive Table Styling via Dear Designer's Blog [5]

Piled into a large glass hurricane lamp with some fairy lights they make a lovely table centre. The kitchen is flooded with light from the french windows, but no doubt by the end of the meal it will be dark and the lights will twinkle more. To add even more atmosphere I’ve included two large pillar candlesticks of different heights.

Festive Table Styling via Dear Designer's Blog [7]

You can’t go wrong with a crisp white tablecloth and I’ve chosen plates with a lovely earthy taupe glaze. They have a turned up lip revealing the white undersides and I think they look really effective with the white cloth and grey slate tablemats. The crackers and scattered gold stars provide just enough festive decoration to remind us that it’s not just any old lunch.

Festive Table Styling via Dear Designer's Blog [6]

As do the reindeer napkin rings. Aren’t they cute? I love the cut-thread edging on the napkins too.

Festive Table Styling via Dear Designer's Blog [9]

All that was left to add was silver edged wine glasses and silver cutlery.

Used: White tablecloth and napkins, slate placemats, 12 piece dinner set in neutral, Savoy wineglasses, Stella cutlery, Clara carved candlesticks.

All from the Heart of House range at Argos.


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    December 2, 2014

    This dining set epitomizes the combination of simplicity and elegance!


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