Studio Ditte Wallpaper Designs from Pierrot et Coco

Studio Ditte is a Netherlands based design studio, with a fantastic range of wallpapers designed to look like trompe l’oeil, and with an almost 3D effect, your guests will be tempted to touch the walls just to make sure…

Studio_Ditte_Flowers,_Butterflies_&_Beetles_Wallpaper from Pierrot et Coco

My favourite is this Flowers, Butterflies and Beetles design. So pretty for a little girls bedroom. I’ll bet she’ll sit for hours weaving stories around the fantasy unfolding on her walls. It’s washable too so very practical.

Studio_Ditte_Buttons_Wallpaper from Pierrot et Coco

Buttons would be my choice for a craft/work room. The pattern is made up of all the old buttons Studio Ditte found in boxes in attics, in tins and drawers and forgotten sewing boxes. If you didn’t want to paper an entire room it would look perfect as a backdrop to shelves.

Vintage_teaspoons_Wallpaper from Pierrot et Coco

This Vintage Teaspoons wallpaper has a pattern that tells a tale of elegant spoons, forks for posh cakes and old keys of forgotten rooms. A collection made up of charming finds, perfect for giving your wall a big dose of personality.

Available from Pierrot et Coco

September 1, 2014



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    July 11, 2015

    Dear Carole,
    I am looking for some information regarding Pierrot et Coco in Glasgow and I hope you don’t mind me enquiring through you.
    I am hoping to buy one of their Cuban cabinets but I am having trouble making contact with them and whilst searching some websites came across your name as having dealt with them. I would be pleased if you could share any information if possible regarding a contact number or Website. Many thanks.

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      July 11, 2015

      Hi Henry, I’m not going to be much help I’m afraid. I may have written about them but I haven’t had any personal dealings with them. I’m sure you’ve checked the website and seen that is is under maintenance. That’s all I know. Regards, Carole.


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