Still Feeling Inspired and Looking for Styling Props

Where to find styling props for your photography

Styling Props for your Photography and Where to Get Them

The styling and photography workshop I did a couple of weeks ago is still inspiring me every day. That should tell you everything you need to know about it really, but if not, go back and read my post. Not only did I get lots of practical help with using my camera and oodles of styling tips, I was also incredibly inspired by the props table that we had at our disposal. It was laden with antiques, bowls, linens, paintings, dried flowers, fresh flowers, fresh fruit, cutlery, wooden cutting boards, plates, vases, string, scissors and the odd bit of bone. In fact everything you’d need to create a flat-lay or vignette. We were so spoilt for choice.

Where to find styling props for your photography

Which begged the question from all of us. ‘Where do you go to get props?‘ and the unanimous wail of ‘I need more stuff!

Quickly followed by a little brainstorming session and the following suggestions.

Styling Props and Where to Get Them

1.French markets (good if you just so happen to be going to France)

2.Antiques Fairs (a good source of styling props but also a little pricey).

3.Ebay (I’ve yet to look, but I have a feeling this might be a bit labour intensive).

4.Car Boot Sales (this was my suggestion cos I’ve heard stylists mention them before).

5.Charity Shops (a great source of glassware, plates etc).

6.Homesense (I’ve since added this to the list as I’ve often found inexpensive things there myself).

Where to find styling props for your photography

Since I’ve been home I’ve been getting the camera out at every opportunity. And as I’ve not had time to go on any massive prop styling shopping trips I’ve had to make do with what I’ve already got. And you know what? I have lot’s of stuff. I’ll bet we all do. Even though I’m pretty ruthless about getting rid of anything that isn’t currently being used, I could still find lots of things that with a little imagination could be used in a different way or in a different composition. So I’m going to add to the list above.

Where to find styling props for your photography

7.Around the house (I’ll bet there are lots of things that you’ve stopped noticing because they are so familiar).

8.In the office/workshop (what about all of those fabric samples, wallpaper swatches, paint pots, ribbon, buttons, etc?).

9.In the attic (when did you last look in all of those boxes of heirlooms, old family photo’s, old clothes?).

10.In the garage (remember that box of junk you put in there promising to take to a car boot sale one day?).

11.In the garden (seed heads, flowers, leaves, grasses).

Where to find styling props for your photography

For these images I just scoured the house for things that might work together. The roses were already in that brass vase from H&M Home and were the starting point, the books were on the coffee table, the frame and framed print were in the bottom of the wardrobe, the lace curtain was left over from the cottage renovations, the brass coloured box I’ve had forever and has recently been moved to the office to store business cards (it used to hold my ironed hankies when I was a little girl), the gold cup and saucer was my mother’s, the jewellery was in a drawer, and the perfume was on my dressing table. 



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    Kimberly Duran

    September 13, 2016

    These shots are gorgeous!! Funny because I just did a post about ‘shopping your house’ before feeling you need to go buy stuff every time and this illustrates it perfectly! Love all your pretty bits and pieces! xxx

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      September 13, 2016

      Thanks Kimberly. Great minds….x


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