Something for the Weekend – Behomm Home Exchange Properties

We’ve all heard of house swaps before but have you heard of Behomm.

Behomm Home Exchange Properties - Paris

It’s a members only website for creatives who can exchange homes with each other for a long weekend, a week, a month…whatever you decide. It has been set up by Agusti and Eva, two graphic designers from Barcelona who have realised that there are a lot of designers and visual artists out there who travel a lot for business and pleasure, who would appreciate a nice place to stay. Absolutely free.

Behomm Home Exchange Properties for Creatives -Amsterdam 1

And because it’s a community website of like-minded people with tasteful homes you can be sure that your house swap will be somewhere beautiful, whether it’s a loft, a cottage or a mansion (actually, not sure if they have any mansions…yet). But they do have some seriously gorgeous abodes.

Behomm Home Exchange Properties for Creatives - New York 1

Of course, the advantages are not just that you will stay somewhere beautiful but that you will also experience that country or city in a real community and not in an impersonal hotel.

Behomm Home Exchange Properties for Creatives - Mexico 1

What a fabulous idea!

Got my eye on that New York loft.





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